Momgen's Corner At Shoppe Pro

Last week i am trying to ask some information about Shoppe Pro hosting because i want to make a store in my own domain. I use the Momgen's Corner since that is the one i used in my store in etsy. Etsy is a good place to sell your stuffs but sometimes it is just good to own a store with your own domain. You just pay the hosting by month and you can sell whatever you want without fees. Many sites that host sellers to sell their products have fees like eBay, etsy, and others. Ebay and Etsy have lots of costumers every minute so i like it their but maybe one day etsy will change and they will only charge by month it would be perfect. Anyway, my store will be live very soon after i update and set up. I am still new to the system of Shoppe pro and this is also a testing if it will work then i will be there for a long time. I need to inform my customers in my other about this new store. Hope i will see you there at

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