Stretch 3/4 Yellow Ladies Blouse

I like this blouse it is good to wear with jean unused one. This is 60% cotton, 35% polyester, and 5% spandex. It is medium size and made in Indonesia. This will stretch a little bit and the blouse is really pretty. Here are some pictures:

Price: $6.50
US & Canada Shipping: $2.00


Dubster said...

Okay sd mga price imu mga baligya momgen. Na busy jd ko kat on sa wordpress nga blog momgen mabuang ko dili ko kabalo. Nakaopen na rba ko isa ako nlng ni padayonon. Naa mi blog nga sauna ra amo duha ako sis, kita mn ko baligya layout $5 ra, ako gipamakeover ang blog ky sayang sd kung ma close hapit na raba 3 months hehehe

vhingF said...

wow! ...I'm sure its my size..hehehehe..

malayu eh...mahal pamasahe.

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