The Dispute of Walgreens and Express Scripts

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We live in a place where Walgreens is the closest one to buy our prescription medicines. They are open 24 hours each day unlike other pharmacy that they are close until 11-12pm. I am sad of this news about Walgreens and Express Scripts disputes. I know many of my friends and church members are using Walgreens as their source of prescription medicines. Walgreens is part of a pharmacy provider of Express scripts before but last January 1 this year, they stop that part. This has a lot of impacts to the people from Express Scripts who uses Walgreens as their prescription pharmacy. It is not convenient for them to drive long ways just to get a prescription medicines to other pharmacy. You can read the information about this in here 

For this things happened Walgreens offer a discount by joining the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens you can read it here Just imagine this one for $10 per year the whole family got covered by the membership. If single who want to join you only pay $5 and will going to receive a discounts in all prescription medicines.  If you want to support Walgreens to their kind endeavor to help people pay less of their prescription medicines then, you can go to your local media and voice out your opinion about it.  To be updated of this issue and all about Walgreens updates follow Walgreens on Twitter and also Walgreens on Facebook.

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