When Life is Too Much…

Sometimes, life is just too much to handle. There are deadlines to beat and things don’t go the way they should be. Or you have bills to pay and suddenly your child gets sick and needs a lot of medications. Then you have to take a leave of absence in order to take care of your sick child so in the end, you do not have a salary at the end of the month.

These are just a couple of instances but if you are in any one of them or you are just in a rut right now, then you are not alone. Each one of us has his or her own stories of struggles in order to survive this life and all that it brings us. Sometimes, there is really nothing that we should do but laugh. You can watch funny videos or read a joke book. Or you can go online and read the features at buzzlol.com. They have this story about the iphone funny autocorrect thing that has put many people in hot water. It is just funny how things turned out in the screenshots of the iphone conversations that they captured.

You may also want to see those photos that are considered photoshop fail because although they were corrected, the photos were not consisted that some of them even had a duckface. Maybe we should not take things too seriously. After all, this is a short life. We should live it fully and have fun at times.

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