Cool Shot Of Lichen

Hubby took this when we are in the mountain during our family camping. He said he did not see anything like that before. He has lots of pictures of that lichen. The picture above was one of them. It was good to have a family camping and that was very fun sleeping in a tent. Anyway, have a wonderful day to all.

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imriz said...

wow, perfect shot for an odd organism. cool green and orange combination:)

Rachelle said...

I would like to try camping but I fear of the animals and insects that might attack us. hehe..
and that really is unique!
visiting for GM! :)
Pinay Mom in Germany

Rossel said...

I see plenty of those in the province. It is from fungus family and we call it "tengang-daga".

melandria said...

that's really nice and new in my eyes. I haven't seen something like this before. Mostly, they are all brown but this one is different.

thanks for joining. Continue living green!

Erin said...

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