A Simple Answer

Sometimes the answer to what we may want or need can be very simple. Sometimes, it can be so simple we may even miss it totally.
An example for this is that we may want a better relationship with our family and perhaps all we needed to do was to discern when they need our time and attention and then just give it. Our family members can be so quiet but all we really needed to do was to ask them a question, start talking, communicating with them. Now, what about our dating life? We can complicate it rather than simplify it.

Sometimes, we keep hanging on to a dating relationship that is not working well for us because we are afraid that we will not be able to find someone else. We think there is no one else out there for us. But, hey, maybe, we are wrong. Maybe we just need to open our eyes and face our fears.

A friend of mine got too tired with her dating relationship, which was hurting her more rather than helping her. She said she realized she deserves better. She also realized there are other doors to dating which she has found open. She also talked about an online dating portal that single people could explore. Ah, maybe that was one simple answer to her complicated concerns.

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