Save Money On Diamonds

Diamonds aside from being branded as the women’s best friend, it has as well become a standard in every old tradition proposal. Although it could get pricey at times but as they say it is the thought that counts and giving a special gift for a special person is just worth it.

However, there are also rare times when you can spot diamonds at its very affordable price. Only a few numbers of people exactly know how to save money on diamonds. Here are some tips:

1. Close to a Carat – Diamonds get pricey by the time they reach a carat and beyond so to save money on diamonds is to go the other way around. Thousands can actually be saved if you choose a percent of .99 carat over a carat.
2. Loos Diamonds – Another good investment would be on loose diamonds. They say buy it loose and just set it afterwards. One advantage for this is the raw quality is there especially if you are very keen with the 4Cs. A clear definition of cut, color, clarity and carat weight is there.

Pear cut loose diamonds is the most concrete example for that. Elegance is visible even if you buy it loose. Then later, you have the choice of setting it into your own choice like a drop cut or tear drop perhaps.

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