Neighbor's Alarm

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

Last night, around 11 at night, my neighbor’s alarm systems Bakersfield started going off. I was still up, watching tv, and heard it going off. I immediately got up and made sure all the doors were locked. It turned off a few minutes later, and I called over there to make sure everything was okay. My neighbor’s husband answered the phone and told me everything was fine, they had just accidently set the alarm off. I was glad to hear that everything was okay. It got me thinking, though. That alarm was pretty loud, and if I was a bad guy, it would totally scare me off. I don’t have anything like that installed, and I’m thinking it might be a good idea to get something like that. After I get off work tonight, I might go over there and talk with her about their services, and see if I can find out some information about it from her, and get a phone number or something. I think that might be something I should do, too.

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Flexible Packaging said...

It converted off a few moments later, and I known as over there to create sure everything was okay. My neighbor’s spouse resolved the cellphone and informed me everything was fine.