Brooklyn house

Author: Isiah Williams

My brother just bought an old row house in a historic district in Brooklyn, New York. He has always wanted to live in one of those old houses and finally was able to afford to make his dream come true. He had to go in a practically gut the whole place because it was in pretty run down condition. When fixing it up though he wanted to stay true to the house’s historic roots, and I think he did a great job. He had a lot of painting to do and picked colors from the actual time period that the house was built. Then he went around to many antique dealers to find furnishings that matched the whole scheme as well. One thing though that he did not want to do was have an old television or television service. He bought a huge television that he hides in this rather large piece of furniture. Then he signed up for satellite television through When he was not watching television, it was hidden behind closed doors of the furniture. Looks like he got the best of both time periods both then and now.

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