Chinese Outsourcing

There is a joke or saying that goes like this, “Everything is Made in China.” While it is an exaggeration because there are also many manufacturing plans from all over the world where there is cheap labor, most of our stuff come from China. It could be high end or low end stuff, but it seems that chinese manufacturers offer the best value for production and manufacturing for Western companies.

Sometimes you would wonder why china sourcing can bring down costs so cheap. Of course we all know that labor costs are very low there, but what about the people? How are they living it with very low salaries?

Maybe it is because food and other consumer items are also very cheap in China. That is why the people can still thrive with small wages. As long as they have jobs with regular salaries, they can still feed their families and keep them from the streets. It may not be easy, as with anywhere else in the world, but at least, they are not hungry or living on welfare. The Chinese people are just so hard working and are not prone to complain, that is why they are preferred by contractors all over the world.

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