Having a Daughter

For a mom, having a daughter is a fun thing. It is like having a best friend born out of you whom you can nurture to become the person that God wants her to be. It is fun being a mom to a daughter because you can share a lot of things including ideas about beauty, slimming, boys, and clothes. It is just wonderful to bond and go out to go shopping for clothes in girls clothes stores. Even if you don’t buy anything, the mere fact of looking through the racks and trying things on is already an enjoyable experience. You build on each other’s trust and you open the communication line between parent and child.

Another fun outing for the mother and child tandem is the salon. You can merely have a haircut together and that would already be a great bonding moment. If you have some extra budget, you can have hot oil treatments or mani-pedi. Afterwards, you share a snack. These are lovely times that mother and daughter can share together because they are both females. During these wonderful moments the relationship is strengthened and there will be no relationship quite as unique as this one. Best friends for life.

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