Desperate Measures

Sometimes, reading the news can be depressing. There is this story of a middle-aged lady who is actually a lawyer by profession but is now working as a strip tease dancer because she lost her job and has a lot of unpaid debts.

It is a pity to hear of these stories but because she has no property of her own, she could not apply for title loans. Well, she does have a car but that is all that is left to her and she is afraid that if she will use it as collateral for car title loans, she might not be able to repay it and lose it eventually. And she needs it to become mobile. Yes, times are that hard and even professionals like this lady lawyer are doing things that they don’t like just so they could survive. It is an ugly picture but it is happening. It is reality.

While this lady has even pursued a master’s degree, still she is jobless. Her financial aid had been so low and she could not apply for a title loan. So in order to survive the crisis, she did what she could do and that is to take off her clothes and earn bigger bucks. It is really sad.

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Eric Graham said...

Hmmm, that's really a sad one. I read an article in Digg that tells a story about a young girl who sold her body in exchange for iPhone 4.