How To Install The Code To The Blogger Blog

Few days ago i tried to make  a free layout for a blogger blog. But there are new bloggers that needs to know how to install the code if they need to change the looks of their blog. So i decided to make this post i hope it will help this to the newbie. Before you install the code you should save your side bar copy it and put in a note pad or word pad. Anyway here are the things you should do in transferring the new code for your layout...

1. Go to your dashboard and click the blog that you want to change the layout. Then click the Design just like i did in the image below.

2. After you already click the Design you need to click the EDIT HTML where you can see the code this time. Just what the image below.

3. Before putting the new code in case something wrong to the old code you need to copy paste the old code to a note pad or word pad.  Now you already click the Edit Html so you  need to high light the code to delete the old code and paste the new code then preview if you want to see the layout. 

4. So you have already the new code then click the save template button then you should click the Keep Widgets to have all the things in your sidebar save. After all of it then you have the new layout.

5. You are done.....Welcome to the new layout that you have.

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