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This are the testimonials of the bloggers whom I make their blog makeoever. Just look and visit their blog to see the whole makeover.

As a newbie in this blogosphere i have less knowledge on how to make my blog layout look pretty and interesting to the eyes of the reader. And I haven’t earn any cents yet from my blog because it is still fresh. But with the help of Momgen, she makeover my blog for an affordable price. She even insist to pay her when I start earning but the amount is so little and I have it in my pocket and besides I open a blog for my own personal journal. My blog now has this refreshing look which can invite more people to view it and I gain more follower and friends since Momgen did the makeover. I like the new designs and so my friends and web friends. Thanks to Momgen for such a wonderful job.

it’s meh
sheila at Simply Happy Life

I just love the new layout that Gen made in my site
I find it very pleasing to the eye, well of course Green is my favorite color.
Gen made it a point before the final layout, that she made me choose the color that I like and the shade of green that I will prefer to have.

I know it is not easy for her to combine all the shades of green that I wanted, coz I myself tried doing some header and the choosing of what color to use is the toughest challenge.

So, I really admire the creativity and patience of Gen. Thank you very much and what’s even more amazing is that she will never give me the price of the layout. She wanted to give it to me for free, this is not the first time she did this, coz I knew from another blogger that she wasn’t charged by Gen too. Wow! But Gen has a charitable heart and she chose to give the proceeds of her layout designs to the needy. Go check her site so you can donate too, the same way that I did.

Thank you Gen for being such a dearie! God Bless!

Gee of My Life

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